Three Gambling Sites You Should Stick With

The world of online gambling is riddled with scammers and other types of swindlers who try to scam people. That is why it’s so important to stick with sites that are legitimate. The chance of meeting a scammer on one of these reputable sites is extremely small, so you should stick with them.

Bet365 – The group that brings gambling to ordinary people

Bet365 is a UK based company that hosts various types of gambling. Calling Bet365 a company from the UK would be a mistake as they are an international group that employs more than three thousand people. It hosts everything from sports betting and poker to several casinos.



One of the best features that Bet365 offers is the live gambling where they stream games in which multiple people can participate. They stream everything from roulette to poker. This type of gambling evolved from one or two tables and a couple of dozen people to being able to support live gambling of thousands. Go on their front-page and check other features they offer.

BetWay – The best gambling group on the market


This group is very famous for their transparency as well as sponsorships. They host a large number of casinos, sports betting and other types of gambling which don’t stop them from being active in other fields like being a partner with Professional Players Federation and so on.

The headquarters of the group are in Malta, due to laws and regulations which are pretty lenient there. They have supporting offices in London, Cape Town and some other locations. They hold gambling licenses in some European countries including Germany and Spain.

888-Casino – A bringer of joy to all gamblers

888casino-1This casino is owned by 666 Holdings plc. That holds several licenses around the world including, among the others, Gibraltar, Spain, and Denmark. This casino provides the most popular online gambling games to its clients across different platforms. They offer mobile


applications for mobile device users as well as browser playing for people who have to download software on their computer. They are one of the best casinos on the market and, considering the work they invest; they will stay at the top this year as well.