The Hottest Pokies In 2016

We aren’t 100% certain in which direction will pokies development go in the year 2017, but we can tell you which games will keep their fan base. These pokies were the hottest in 2016, and we believe that they will hold that title in first half of 2017 as well.

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New technologies add flavor to pokies, but the crucial aspect of a game is its design as it is the primary aspect of a game a player looks for. An individual will avoid a game if it has a bad design, even if it provides premium features. But we shouldn’t forget that a great design has to have support in decent features that will not just attract a player, but keep them playing for an extended period of time.

Pokies from 2016 that will tread well in 2017

In this last month, several companies launched new pokies, but they aren’t the focus of this post. The future of those games is unclear, and whether they will succeed or not is up to players and casinos. The games we will mention here have achieved in 2016, and they are still the best in the field.
Twin Spin is a modern take on classic pokies game, and that design is something that few can emulate successfully. These pokies have a conventional design where you can play with bars, sevens, and diamonds, in short, an old-school theme. This game isn’t identical as the real old-school pokies as it allows a broader range of bets as well as the height of the jackpot. People who love brick-and-mortar pokies should try this one.



Hard Rock fans will enjoy in Guns n’ Roses pokies game that captivated thousands in the last year. The game is an homage to the legendary hard rock band that is considered as one of the forerunners of the 90s rock scene. The design incorporates everything from Band Members to guitar picks and the band logo. Another excellent feature of this game is the music choice, which offers several Guns n’ Roses hits which you can choose to play in the background.

Other notable pokies from 2016

Many people adored Rango and how Johnny Depp voiced him. If you are one of them, then you will enjoy in playing Rango pokies game. The design of this game centers on the theme from the movie, and it incorporates the characters in the game. The scatter symbol ‘Rango,’ the main character from the film and it can transform to create all types of possible combinations. The overall popularity of this pokies game lies in high-quality textures of every single part of the design.

The final pokies game we have to mention is the Downtown. The setting takes you to a city that is full of crime, and there you will meet all kinds of evil-doers, from gang members to assassins as well as ladies in distress and much more. The design is excellent, and the game comes with a plethora of bonuses that you can hit in every spin.